Thursday, December 14, 2017

NEW COVER: Welcome to the Fruit Platter

This is the cover for Ellie Moonwater's January release, Welcome to the Fruit Platter, the second book in her Downtown Weres and Wizards series.

Swept into a whirlwind courtship with two werewolves, Louise has just one problem—the secret she is keeping from the pack. When her mates discover what she’s been holding back, will they stand by her? And what of the pack? Louise must choose: trust in them, or run? Either way, a sanctuary seems a lifetime away.

WARNING: Welcome to the Fruit Platter contains explicit, consensual and kinky sex, some spanking, two very lust-driven werewolves, multiple scenes of menage, mfm, and some wizards on the prowl.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

New Chapter Book for January Line-Up

Carlie did it! We will be adding In Full Flight, the third book in her chapter book series, Wings, to January's release line-up. Look for a cover announcement shortly. We have the blurb, but the cover still looks a bit like this:

Jack’s dad has a secret—a sad secret. He has never told Jack how he lost his wings. One day he does, and Jack’s world changes. At the same time, someone from his parents’ past comes into their present, and they must work out how to stop things from the past happening all over again.

In Full Flight is the third book in the Wings chapter book series, set around a family with wings and bird-like feet. This book is darker than the other two, dealing with themes of difference, discrimination at a state level, and finding a place to belong.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

NEW COVER: A Planet's Ransom

The cover for A Planet's Ransom, the second book in Carlie Simonsen's Space Adventures series has just been approved.

Made hostages for a world whose international leaders didn’t know how to behave, we ended up on a new world, one we have to make our own, where every step of civilisation has to be earned, all over again. It’s meant to be a world to hide the secret of our survival—but not all the aliens believe we have a right to survive. Torn between two rival factions of an alien race, we have to save our keepers, defeat our hunters, and get a message to the stars.

And that’s just if we want to live.

Making a place for humanity, is another task altogether.
A Planet’s Ransom is the second book in the Space Adventures series, a series of science fiction adventures set in space, or on the colonies of newly discovered worlds. Each book is a stand-alone story that can be read without needing to read other books in the series.