Saturday, October 10, 2015

NEW COVER for December Release - Rocky and the Spacefarers' Christmas

Here's the new cover for Carlie Simonsen's new chapter book - Rocky and the Spacefarers' Christmas.

Print-on-Demand Cover
EBook Cover for all Platforms

Rocky is on a starship to another world, and it’s boring. He misses Earth. He misses his farm. He misses his pony. Worst of all, it looks like he’s going to miss Christmas, too. And then he meets Elita, an alien girl missing her own end-of-year celebration—Hajranath. The two of them get to talking, and decide that a party is just what everybody needs, but how are they ever going to convince the grown-ups?

Rocky and the Spacefarers’ Christmas is the second book in the Otherworld Adventures series, which is set on Rocky’s journey to the new world where his parents will farm alongside the aliens.