Tween to Young Adult Fiction

All Alone

Carlie Simonsen

17 February 2013

All Alone is a tween-to-teen fiction about the trials of two children after their parents go missing while Christmas shopping in a shopping centre that suffers a bombing attack.

Jason must look after his little sister Emmie when they find themselves alone in a city, in another country, far from home. Did their parents survive the bomb blast, and can they find them, or will they be stuck growing up in the care of strangers and never see home again?

 All Alone is the debut chapter book for tweens by Carlie Simonsen. It is currently available from Smashwords, and will shortly become available from Kobo, Amazon-Kindle, and iTunes.

Dear Tiger

Carlie Simonsen 

17 February 2013

Dear Tiger is a young adult science fiction story told in a series of letters written by Simone Michaels. Simone’s parents are exploring another planet and she’s stuck in boarding school when things go terribly wrong. Dear Tiger is the first book in the Letters Across Space series.

“Dear Tiger, this has been the best day ever… but I lie.”

Simone Michaels is in trouble, but she doesn’t know how deep. Her letters to old friend, Tiger, reveal that her parents are missing, and that she is afraid she’ll go missing, too. When her parents’ employer takes her in, and takes care of her education and living arrangements, she is drawn more deeply into the mystery. Simone keeps her secrets as best she can, including the secret of the mysterious box her parents sent before they disappear, but she is just as afraid of opening it, as she is of the company discovering its existence. Does it contain the only clue to what really happened to her parents, or does it contain her doom?

 Dear Tiger is available from Smashwords and Amazon-Kindle, and will soon become available at Kobo, Nook and iTunes.

Legacy of Dreams

Carlie Simonsen

19 February 2013

 Legacy of Dreams is a teen to young adult story about how Tanya learns to cope with losing her ability to walk, the withdrawal of her best friend, the disappearance of her boyfriend, and her ability to do the sport she loves. Faced with the chance of losing her beloved horse as well, Tanya has to come up with a plan that will somehow let her salvage something of the life she used to have, and the dreams she was making reality. Legacy of Dreams is a tale of learning to live again.

The non-illustrated version of Legacy of Dreams can now be found at Smashwords, Kindle, Kobo, Nook and iTunes.

Tanya knows her parents have been tip-toeing around the problem of keeping a horse she can no longer ride, and whose very name makes her burst into tears. Tanya has only just discovered something that might help things, when she is faced with having to face losing her horse, Copper, altogether. The only question is, whether the family budget can stretch that far. Must she lose the only link left to the life she used to have?

Assassin, Not

The Ribbondrake Riders #1

 Carlie Simonsen

11 March 2013

Blade is an assassin. It's what his family does... it's just not what he wants to be. When a spell reveals his dislike for his career, he faces the choice of walking away and maybe being hunted for the rest of his life, or being forced to do what he hates to make a living. No one said deciding on his future was going to be easy.

Assassin, Not is a tale of choices and sacrifice, set in a fantasy kingdom. Blade is a young man, born of a long line of assassins. Placed in training at a young age, he has no choice but to take on the trade of his father, and his grandfather before him… or does he?

When Blade is assigned an assassination he does not really want to complete, he believes he has no choice. Deciding if he finds something else to be, before his dagger falls, he prepares to take down the youngest Lord Forester in the city. When a second assassin appears, and options unfold, Blade must step lightly and with speed. With a disgruntled patron on his heels, the only question is can he move quickly enough to stay one step ahead of his own.

Assassin, Not is a fantasy tale set in a land of magic and intrigue. It is currently available from Smashwords and AmazonKindle, and will soon be available from Nook, the iTunes bookstore, and Kobobooks.

Long Hair

Long Hair #1  

Carlie Simonsen

7 April 2013

When Michael sees movie star, Ky Lin, taking down the bad guys with her long-hair karate, all Michael wants is to be able to do just that. He convinces his karate teacher to train him, and works hard, even when the kids at school tease him. Michael is super-excited when he finds out Ky Lin and her co-star, Joe Wy, are coming to visit his school, but when thieves strike, the visit is in danger of being cancelled. Can Michael discover who is stealing money from the kids and offices at school before the head master calls the movie visit off? Or will his long hair just get in the way?
Set in a world similar to our own, where long hair really can be used as a karate fighting style, Carlie Simonsen's Long Hair is a teen to young adult story that deals with issues of teasing and working towards one’s dreams even when those we want to please most don’t support us.
The non-illustrated version of Long Hair can now be found at Smashwords, Amazon-Kindle, Kobo, Nook and iTunes.

Rocky to the Rescue

Otherworld Adventures #1

 Carlie Simonsen

13 April 2013

When Rocky wakes up one morning, he discovers his house is deserted. With his mother, father and little sister nowhere to be found in-doors, he goes outside and discovers the animals are missing, too. When aliens arrive, Rocky realises that something has gone horribly wrong. Stowing away in the alien skimmer, Rocky sets out on his first and most important rescue mission, ever.

Carlie Simonsen’s Rocky to the Rescue is set on a station in the Australian outback, where help is often a long, long way away and the people must rely on themselves and each other. When Rocky's family disappears from their station in outback Australia, Rocky has to decide what to do next. Does he follow the aliens he thinks have taken them and try to get them back on his own, or does he travel hundreds of miles to get help from the neighbors and risk the aliens leaving before he gets back?

Rocky to the Rescue is available from Smashwords, Kindle, Kobo, Nook and iTunes.

e-book cover for Spit


  On Patrol #1

 Carlie Simonsen

  20 April 2013

Spit is following a group of Sneakers to see how they are getting into the Border Patrol supply depots, when he is captured—but not by Sneakers. Another group, one that has snake people and lizard centaurs working within its ranks has taken him captive. The question is: Are they friend or foe? Spit has no idea, but when they come across a base under attack from a large group of Sneakers, he has to find out.

Spit is the first book in the On Patrol series. Set in the near future, in a world on the edge of war, the series follows Spit and his people in their efforts to protect their homes and loved ones.

Spit is currently available on Smashwords, Amazon Kindle, Create Space, Nook, Kobo, and iTunes.

Tag Man One

Air Ace Adventures #1 

Carlie Simonsen

  27 April 2013

Tag Man One is the first chapter book in the Air Ace Adventures series. Set on an imaginary air base, it tells part of the story of two brothers, who share a love of flying and look out for each other.

When Jerry sees something flash on a hill overlooking the air base where his brother works, he thinks it might be a bottle reflecting the sun. His brother takes a different view, and reports it to base security. They have not had time to investigate before the base is attacked, and Jerry must do his best to get his brother out alive.

Tag Man One is available from Smashwords, Amazon-Kindle and CreateSpace and will be distributed from Nook, Kobo, Barnes and Noble and iTunes.


Traveller's Tales #1  

Carlie Simonsen

  26 May 2013

Traveler is a teen post-apocalyptic paranormal urban tale about a girl who survives a war and the loss of her family. When she ends up alone, she sets out to find the one family member whose fate she doesn’t know. On the way, she encounters cannibals and a mysterious boy. And from there, things get distinctly weird. Traveler is the first book in the Traveler’s Tales series.

Traveler knows she must cross the Rubble by dusk. At dusk, the cannibals come out, and they will want payment. She doesn’t count on the gang living on the other side of the Rubble to deny her passage until evening arrives. And she doesn’t count on being the prize in a turf war between the two groups. When a boy who seems to be made of mist helps her escape, she refuses to believe she is finally safe. The city is full of danger. Traveler knows she hasn’t found them all.

Traveler is about embarking on a journey, and overcoming anything that might stand in the way—even if that means having the courage to offer friendship, in times when it’s hard to trust. Or helping someone other than yourself.

Traveler is available from Smashwords, Amazon-Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and iTunes.

Troll-Mist Morning

When Worlds Collide #1  

Carlie Simonsen

  2 June 2013

Troll-Mist Morning is the story of a teen who goes the extra mile so his mum can feel safe. Early morning starts, and standing around in the mist in the middle of winter, however, are one thing; trolls are another. When magic returns to the world and the trolls come, too, how is Daniel going to get his mum to see sense? Troll-Mist Morning is the first book in the series exploring what happens When Worlds Collide.

When Daniel’s mum wakes him at five-thirty in the morning, he knows it’s so she can go and take photographs. It doesn’t seem to matter how many times he points out that most photographers take their early morning shots in perfect safety, his mum just can’t feel safe—so Daniel goes with her, even when its early and cold and the mist hasn’t cleared. Especially when the mist hasn’t cleared. Muggers, Daniel can handle, but what on Earth is he going to do about trolls?

Troll-Mist Morning is about family, and caring for even the crazy members. It’s about a young person who looks after his mum, even when he doesn’t see the same kind of dangers.

Troll-Mist Morning is available from Smashwords, Amazon-Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and iTunes.


Wings #1   

Carlie Simonsen

 20 July 2013

 Wings is the first book in the Wings series, which follows a family of people who have wings and bird-like feet. They have lived as normal a life as possible, concealing their not-so-human aspects as best they can. So far they have been successful, but that’s all about to be turned upside down.

Jack has wings, but he keeps them well-hidden. When a new girl comes to school and does not hide her own wings, what changes will she bring to Jack’s life?

Wings is available from Smashwords, Amazon-Kindle, Kobo, Nook, DriveThruFiction, OmniLit and iTunes.

Flying with Friends

Wings #2  

Carlie Simonsen

 26 August 2013

Jack has been looking forward to the Christmas holidays. Not just because it is a break away from school, but because, this Christmas holidays, he is going to learn to fly. The only thing that mars his trip is the flash of blue he sees behind them on a remote dirt track. Why would someone be following them way out here? Is he seeing things?

Flying with Friends is the second book in the Wings chapter book series, set around a family with wings and bird-like feet.

Flying with Friends is available on Kindle, Kobo, Nook, iTunes, DrivethruFiction, Smashwords and as a print-on-demand title.

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