Monday, December 29, 2014

Monday, December 1, 2014

Progress Report: What Our Writers are up to

With the end of the Australian university year, our writers are busy getting back on track. And this is what they’re up to:

Carlie Simonsen:
  • is on track to turn in the next chapter book in her Wheelchair series in the next fortnight. Once that draft is in, we’ll get the cover underway.
C.M. Simpson:
  • has turned in her next short story, and is about to start the one scheduled after it.
  • reports she has selected the images required for the short story cover, and for Ellie Moonwater’s next two releases, and should have those completed and turned in within the next fortnight;
  • is currently formatting 365 Days of Flash Fiction for print-on-demand via CreateSpace;
  • reports having completed the editing and formatting of Ellie’s next release;
  • reports having completed the editing of her next short story.
Eleanor Maine:
  • is quietly working on her next Gargoyle novella.
Ellie Moonwater:
  • has completed and turned in the rewrite and edits for a novella previously published at another publishing house;
  • reports having two other projects near completion.
Madeleine Torr
  • is working on the next book in her Pictures of Romance series. We have asked C.M. to rework the covers based on the current concept, to ensure cover continuity without loss of branding.