Wednesday, May 20, 2015

New Cover: Orb Wielder

The cover for Orb Wielder Carlie Simonsen's next young adult novel has been finalised.

When Liralee buys an orb from the Shawl Lady’s stall, she opens a path to another world, for the orb is not just a pretty glass ball that impresses her friends; it’s a symbol of power that produces magic for enchantments. And it’s wanted two warring kingdoms and a sorcerer with plans of conquest. When strangers try to take the orb, and her friends gather to aid her, Liralee begins on an adventure that could end in disaster or victory. The choice is hers.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

We are now working with Draft2Digital

We are now working with the Draft2Digital platform to distribute to Tolino. All titles will be uploaded over the next few weeks. In the meantime, these are the titles we've uploaded so far:

Ducky now available from DriveThruFiction and OmniLit

C.M. Simpson's post-pandemic-apocalpyse short story is now available from DriveThruFiction in PDF and OmniLit in PDF, html and .prc formats.

Three characters, a dead duck, and a plague-devastated city. What more could you ask for?

A post-apocalyptic short story of a ghostly girl, a pandemic and regret, told from three viewpoints.

Anna and the Rock Dragons available on Amazon and DriveThruFiction

Carlie Simonsen's junior young adult fantasy novella is now available from Amazon in Kindle format and from DriveThruFiction in PDF.

When Anna heads out to her family’s country cottage for the holidays, she has no idea what lies in store. Chosen as the Key Bearer and Door Finder for a race of exiled dragons, Anna soon finds herself being hunted by a nightmare from local legend, while racing against a mining magnate set to make his fortunes by turning the dragons into crystal. Will she survive long enough to find both key and door in time to help the dragons escape, and then live to tell the tale?