Friday, December 28, 2012

Meet Carlie Simonsen

Carlie Simonsen will be joining our author line-up in 2013. Her first chapter book All Alone is scheduled for release in February 2013. Carlie is a Canberra-based author who likes writing stories for young people. Her stories can be scary, funny, spooky and strange, but that’s the way she likes it. Carlie likes dinosaurs, aliens, dragons and drawing. She writes fantasy, science fiction, paranormal urban and 'real-life' based tales. Carlie would rather write about imaginary lands and places, but says that sometimes the real world creeps into her head and won’t go away until she puts it into a story. 

Her first story is about a boy who has to look after his little sister in a distant city, after their mother and father disappear in a shopping center bomb blast. Why? Because such things happen, and back in 1997 the idea haunted her until she wrote it down.

Her second story is pure fantasy, about an assassin and making difficult choices. Assassin, Not is scheduled for release in May 2013. 

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