Thursday, January 17, 2013

C.M. Simpson Ahead of Schedule - Short Story Released

So, with Shadow's Rise released on the 1st, instead of the 30th, of January, and with Shadow Trap entering the final editing stage six months early, we're releasing a stand-alone short story - The Buried Blade.

The Buried Blade

When the grass in one of her uncle's fields starts to die, Amanda tries to work out why, but her uncle only sees stones, where she sees fragments of pottery. In a war as old as time, will Amanda convince her uncle of the truth, and remain unscathed, or will she fall under the control of an old and subtle power?

The Buried Blade is a short tale of dark fantasy, which will later be incorporated into An Anthology of Blades.

The Buried Blade can currently be found at Smashwords in most formats, but will soon be available on Amazon, Kobo, and iTunes

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