Monday, February 18, 2013

New Release: Dear Tiger by Carlie Simonsen

Carlie Simonsen's Dear Tiger is a young adult science fiction story told in a series of letters written by Simone Michaels. Simone’s parents are exploring another planet and she’s stuck in boarding school when things go terribly wrong. Dear Tiger is the first book in the Letters Across Space series.

“Dear Tiger, this has been the best day ever… but I lie.”
Simone Michaels is in trouble, but she doesn’t know how deep. Her letters to old friend, Tiger, reveal that her parents are missing, and that she is afraid she’ll go missing, too. When her parents’ employer takes her in, and takes care of her education and living arrangements, she is drawn more deeply into the mystery. Simone keeps her secrets as best she can, including the secret of the mysterious box her parents sent before they disappear, but she is just as afraid of opening it, as she is of the company discovering its existence. Does it contain the only clue to what really happened to her parents, or does it contain her doom?

Dear Tiger is available from Smashwords, Kobo, Kindle, DriveThruFiction and iTunes.

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