Sunday, April 21, 2013

Author Roundup: Week 3 April 2013

Our authors are working towards the next round of releases.
CarlieSimonsen has just released her seventh chapter book and is polishing her eighth. She promises she’ll settle down to work on one series at a time, soon… maybe by next year.

EllieMoonwater is busily writing the last three chapters of her next novella, an erotic suspense with a dollop of romance, a strong flavor of Egypt, and shapeshifters galore. She says it should be in within the month. It is currently 28,000 out of a projected 30,000 words long, but will go a little longer.

C.M. Simpson has received her first beta-read edit for Shadow’s Fall, and is busily working through the very good feedback she’s received. She is also polishing a dark fantasy short story for release, and is working with Carlie to draft some teachers’ notes for Carlie’s chapter books. We like to keep C.M. busy with our covers and editing, as well. It keeps her out of trouble.

Madeleine Torr is almost half-way through her next novel, a romantic suspense that will kick off the Bookstore series. She is also a good way through drafting the next book in the Pictures series.

 EleanorMaine is drafting a second book in the Gargoyle series, while she works on a longer work of Egyptian fantasy.

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