Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New Cover - Madeleine Torr's Country Rush

When Madeleine told us she wanted to alternate between two series, we weren't so sure, but she was determined, so we told her to give it a shot. Her next book out will be Country Rush, the first in her Bookstore Romances series, which center around the characters who work in, or pass through, Highway's Book Emporium, in a city very much like Melbourne.

E-book Cover
Print-on-Demand Cover
Print-on-Demand Large Print Cover

When Taylor helps a tall, dark stranger hide from men pursuing him, she embroils herself in the seedier side of city life. With her mother watching over her seriously injured father in hospital, Taylor has dropped out of university to help pay the bills, taking on a second job to do so. The last thing she needs is a rapid exit from the city and a quick trip to the country, but that's exactly what her tall-dark-and-handsome insists on. With a nasty criminal element on their heels, the pair of them take a fast train and a slow bus out of town, before fleeing to a country property to try to work out how to escape their dilemma.

Country Rush is scheduled for release to all platforms in mid-late September 2013.

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