Sunday, September 15, 2013

Just Released: Yard Boss by Carlie Simonsen

So, after a hectic week, Carlie Simonsen's Yard Boss has now been uploaded to the Kobo, Smashwords, Amazon-Kindle, CreateSpace, DriveThruFiction and OmniLit platforms, where, if not already live, it will soon be available. Also, in a few weeks, it will be available from such platforms as iTunes and Nook, amongst others, thanks to the Smashwords distribution system.

Originally designed to be a stand-alone title, Yardboss will be the first book in the Schoolyard Adventures series, which is set in the school grounds of multiple people, places and times. In Yard Boss, a new kid arrives at a boarding school and is targeted by bullies.

Robert just wants to get on with getting on. He's at a new school and he's trying to find his feet. Allan knows he needs to put the new kid down hard, but which one? How about the big one that returns his gaze? His sidekick, Tom, doesn't think that's such a good idea, but since when did Allan listen to Tom, anyway?

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