Sunday, December 22, 2013

Cover and Title Rebadge for Fisherpriest - Meet The Priestess, the Prince and the Dragon

After repeated customer feedback, indicating there was a large proportion of customers who would not buy Fisherpriest because it might belong the the Christian fantasy genre, I decided to change the title. I was also unhappy with my original cover, and decided now was the best time to change that, too.

So, please welcome The Priestess, the Prince and the Dragon, with its new cover.

If you have already purchased Fisherpriest, you do not need to purchase The Priestess, the Prince and the Dragon as well. The content, apart from the title page an explanation in the Author's Notes and an updated Other Works by this Author page, remain the same. The story is unchanged.

When the two halves of her soul rejoin, Linna finds herself in a city she does not recognize on a world she thought existed only in her imagination. To make matters worse, the god she serves has rejected her, and she is captured and sold to four princes from a distant land, who require a priest of the sea. What starts out as a journey to regain her deity’s approval, soon becomes a flight for her life. With one prince at her side, and unspeakable evil at her back, Linna embarks on a journey where she must survive pursuit by the purist Silver Mountains tribeselves, and captivity by the cave spider clan in order to find her place in the world.

The Priestess, the Prince and the Dragon (originally titled Fisherpriest) is the first novel in the Tales of the Five Kingdoms series, set in dark fantasy world of Tzamesch, at the same time as the Shadow Series
WARNING: The Priestess, the Prince and the Dragon contains slavery, a sex scene, and refers to slave breeding. You must be an Adult to purchase and read this work.

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