Sunday, January 19, 2014

Writer Progress Update

Ellie Reports:

“I’ve almost finished the final chapter on an erotic adventure involving werewolves, a magical fish man, a nagini, and a margot fairy. I’ll have it in for editing by the end of the week.”

Carlie Reports:

“I’m in the middle of drafting a chapter book about a mermaid, and working out teaching notes for Legacy of Dreams.”

Madeleine Reports:

I have almost finished the last chapter of Country Rush. I know it’s been delayed, but it’s almost done now.”

Eleanor Reports:

“I’m working on a romance set in a jungle setting that draws on ancient Egypt for inspiration… and I have another Gargoyle story in the wings.”

C.M. Reports.

“As a writer, I’m working on the end of Freeman’s Choice—a science fiction-fantasy novel, and have compiled the three volume collection of last year’s work. As an editor, I’ve finished doing the format and pre-publish upload of An Anthology of Blades and should soon have Ellie’s next novella for editing, and maybe even Madeleine’s Country Rush. I’ll fit the edit for the mid-year collections around those. As a cover compiler, I’ve just finished the cover for An Anthology of Blades, and am gearing up to design the covers for Carlie’s Mermaid story, Ellie’s fish-man story and the 2013 collections… and I’m working on my much-neglected art skills so that I will be able to work up simple black-and-white illos by the end of the year.”

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