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Magic, Seduction and Ancient Egypt in Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat, Ellie Moonwater’s Erotic Romantic Suspense

This post was originally written for the Four Seduced Muses blog spot. We’ve asked Ellie to tame it down a little and talk about her ancient Egypt inspired tale of paranormal romance, Pussy Cat, PussyCat. It’s set in the capital city of Australia’s southernmost state, and contains a dollop of romantic suspense, a twist of ancient Egypt, a touch of bondage—because handcuffs are such fun—a pinch of ménage, and some dreaming—because in dreaming people can imagine what they’d like their realities to be.

Take it away, Ellie:


Thank you, Publisher dear:

Officer Catarina “Kitty” Cordello is what is known as a ‘sensitive’, someone who can sense magic. Her ex-pat American partner, Charles Herbert, has the same abilities. They’re used to solve crimes involving magic, and in a world where magic has only recently returned, magical crimes are on the rise. They pair have worked through crimes perpetrated by witches, shifters and ghouls, but the magic they encounter in the latest murder is like nothing they’ve ever seen.

Unfortunately, it is a magic ancient Egyptian law officer Seranefret, “Sera”, has seen. Across the Fields of Time, in a world before the magic went away, Sera, has come to know this magic well. Pursuing the culprit from his time to a now where wizardry has just become possible, he finds a world endangered by its ignorance of the newly woken powers stalking its streets. Insinuating himself into Kitty and Charles’ investigation, Sera continues his hunt, and in doing so blends his destiny with their own.

Even before she discovers his true origins, Kitty suspects something is amiss, but her dreams alert her to more than just his birthplace, they reveal something of the choices to come. Here is what happens when, after exhausting herself revealing the magic in the second murder of the case, Kitty’s subconscious raises a possibility for the future:

NOTE: The extract below has been abridged to exclude the explicit elements of this love scene. The scene in the book contains explicit description and is not suitable for readers under 18 years of age.

An Excerpt from Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat:

And just like that, they were inside the cool walls of his home, with dusk falling outside, and the sweet scent of jasmine winding its way between them. The maid, as promised, was absent.
Had she been awake, Kitty knew the stink of magic would have spoiled the atmosphere, but her dream-self enjoyed the perfumed air. She still leant against Sera, whose arms enfolded her, and tilted her head back, and reached a hand up and over to caress the back of his neck.
His hands moved over her hips, and, turning his head, he kissed the inside of Kitty’s wrist, ducking his head from beneath her touch.
“How do you want our first time?” Sera lifted her as he asked, moving back to sit on the edge of the bed, so she was supported on his lap.
“I don’t know,” she replied, aware of the way his body warmth curled around her, undisturbed by the cool breeze coming in the window.
He laid a hand on her thigh.


NOTE: The extract above has been abridged to exclude the explicit elements of this love scene. The scene in the book contains explicit description and is not suitable for readers under 18 years of age.

 Does she make this dream a reality, or discover the truths it holds? Pussy Cat,Pussy Cat will take you to the answers. You can find it at Amazon, CreateSpace, Smashwords, OmniLit, Kobo, iTunes, AllRomanceEbooks, and DriveThruFiction.

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I love writing erotic tales of paranormal and fantasy romance set on faraway worlds or in faraway lands. Sometimes I wander into the realms of erotica, and sometimes I explore ideas that make some people uncomfortable, but my characters are my love, and their wish is my command.

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