Friday, September 5, 2014

Sneak Peek 5: 365 Days of Flash Fiction

Science fiction, fantasy, dark fantasy, speculative fiction and a touch of horror, this collection plays with just about every genre it can lay its hands on. C.M. Simpson explores new worlds, new settings and lets loose some ideas that just needed to be gotten out of her head.

If short stories are your thing—and the shorter the better—you can find tiny tales from a wide variety of genres in 365 Days of Flash Fiction.

Many of my tales feature dragons, but I hope some of these are a little different to other dragons.

A Dragon in the Last Day’s Light

Written for this collection of flash fiction on  the evening of September 8, 2013. Outside my window is a tree full of delicate white blooms, gradually being hidden by leaves. On my mind, the next anthology of dragon fiction, where it will also appear. I guess I can see where my inspiration came from.

I saw the dragon land, soft as thistledown, delicate as glass, dangerous as midnight—not even as long as my thumb. I watched each tiny claw turned a blossom to dust, how jewel-bright it shone in the last day’s light. For it was the last day. I had seen it in; I was bound to see it out. I watched the dragon crawl, methodically touching each flower, deliberately destroying each delicate bloom and our chance of surviving through the long, dry months of winter. I shot it, fast and clean, closing the window before I went to catch the shuttle.

365 Days of Flash Fiction is scheduled for release on October 4, 2014, a and pre-ordering should be available soon.

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