Friday, November 21, 2014

Half-Price Celebration: 365 Days of Poetry Just Released on Smashwords

Finally! Happy to announce that 365 Days of Poetry has just been released on Smashwords.


we are discounting it by 50% of its usual cover price until December 15, 2014.


What's it about?

Well, C.M. had this to say:

Welcome to this gathering of poetry. It comes in a variety of styles and genres, and is arranged in no particular order save that there is one poem for each day. I have played with traditional forms such as the cinquain and englyn, and worked with free-form verse and rhyme. I have written about the world around me, and about worlds that probably don’t exist. I have tried to write poetry from the perspective of someone in the distant future writing about a new world, and I have written poetry with fantasy themes. Welcome to the worlds in my head.


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