Sunday, January 4, 2015

Volume 1 of C.M. Simpson's Short Stories and Poems from 2013 now Available in Smaller Print

And now in smaller print from the CreateSpace store: C.M. Simpson: Short Stories and Poems from 2013, Vol. 1.

This year’s anthology consists of all the short stories and poems that I created, or discovered in my files and rewrote in 2013, regardless of whether or not they were released. The tales are taken from completed anthologies, and anthologies to come, from my blog, and from my notebooks. Most are published, but some are not.

This year’s anthology is two volumes long. I have divided them up chronologically, according to when the stories were first created and completed. This is the first volume, and it covers work from 1988 to 2012 and is a mix of poetry, flash fiction and short stories.

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