Thursday, December 31, 2015

Release Schedule - January 2016

The following titles will be released in January 2016:

January 2, 2016

C.M. Simpson: Short Works from 2014, Vol. 1: The Real World, Romance, Horror and Speculation

Last year’s anthology consisted only of the short stories and poems worked on, created re-written or published in 2013. This year’s anthology consists of all the short stories and poems that I created, or discovered in my files and rewrote in 2014, including the pieces from 365 Days of Flash Fiction and 365 Days of Poetry that have already been included in Volumes 1 and 2 of last year’s collections. The tales and poems are taken from completed anthologies, and anthologies to come, from my blog, and from my notebooks. Most are published, either individually or in a collection, but some are scheduled for release at some time in the future. I have also included one short story written under the pen name, Madeleine Torr.

This year’s anthology is three volumes long, and has been roughly divided by the genres of the stories, poems and pieces of flash fiction that each contains. Once again, the pieces are arranged in dative order. This volume is focussed on mostly speculative pieces touched by darkness, with a single piece of romance from my alter-ego.

This is also the last year I will be including unpublished work in the annual collection of short work. The 2017 releases will only have work that was released in the years the collection covers—or work released previously that could not be included in another collection due to contract restrictions.

A Warning: These pieces might not be what you’ve come to expect from reading my longer works, as my short pieces form the playground I use to explore ways of putting words on paper to create different effects, or to investigate new concepts and ideas. These pieces might not share the same tone, register, genre or flavour as some of my other work, but I hope you enjoy them, all the same.

January 16, 2016

Rocky and the Great Teddybear Rescue

Rocky wakes up from stasis, and realises he’s nearly home, but he hasn’t been awake for five minutes when things start to go wrong. His little sister’s teddybear is missing, and it’s not the only thing. A cat has gone missing from the animals’ deck. And then his sister goes missing, too. Can Rocky find her, and maybe Teddy and the cat, before the ship arrives and all three are lost forever?

Rocky and the Great Teddybear Rescue is the third book in the Otherworld Adventures series, which is set on Rocky’s journey to the new world, where his parents will farm alongside the aliens who have asked them to help.

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