Thursday, January 14, 2016

NEW COVER: Legacy of Hearts - Carlie Simonsen

We have just approved the cover design for Carlie Simonsen's third book in the Wheelchair Adventures series. More an adventure of the heart, than an adventure filled with physical danger, this story is about learning to love, again, after betrayal. It will soon be available for pre-order.

Legacy of Hearts Ebook Cover
Legacy of Hearts PoD Cover

Dumped by her boyfriend, Tomas, because she ended up in a wheelchair, Stella has to rebuild her life. If she hadn’t met Ambrose in hospital, she might never have thought of playing basketball again, but he was just a friend. She never expected to see him when she got out. It comes as a total surprise, when Ambrose meets Stella after her first basketball game in a chair. More surprising is his request to see her again. Can Stella afford to let him keep visiting, or will he end up being just as much of a disaster as Tomas had been?

Legacy of Hearts is the third book in the Wheelchair Adventures series, which is based around young people getting their wheels underneath them, after they find themselves in wheelchairs.

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