Sunday, May 8, 2016

NEW RELEASE: C.M. Simpson: Short Work from 2014, Vol. 2: Science Fiction

We've just released the second volume of C.M. Simpson's collection of short works from 2014 on Smashwords, in all formats.

What's it About?

A collection of flash fiction, short stories, poems and essays where science fiction explores future possibilities and tragedies, where hopes and dreams are held and lost, and where cyberware stands alongside shapeshifters and starships. The poems here either explore these futures, or are written as though they were created by someone in those futures. This is the realm of the starborn and starbound, and of futures that might never be.

Where can you find it in Print?
At the moment you can find the print-on-demand (PoD) at the CreateSpace store in both mass market and large print versions, but it should also be available on Amazon soon, as well.

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