Saturday, September 10, 2016

NEW RELEASE: In Service to the Pinnacle by C.M. Simpson

Today's release is In Service to the Pinnacle, a short science fiction story by C.M. Simpson. It is now available from Smashwords, and will soon be on Amazon-Kindle, DriveThruFiction, OmniLit, and Kobo.

Jamie has two names, and a whole bunch of secrets that she keeps from everyone, including her employer, Odyssey—which is no mean feat, given what that company does—but, when a mission takes her to Askreya, she has to deal with an old dilemma, an old foe, and something entirely new, and her secrets begin to come to light. Can she finish her mission, without everything being revealed?

In Service to the Pinnacle is a science fiction short story set in the world Odyssey and Miss Delight.

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