Saturday, October 22, 2016

NEW RELEASE: Melerom Leads the Dance by C.M. Simpson

Today we release C.M. Simpson's latest science fiction short story, Melerom Leads the Dance. This tale follows on fairly closely from Miss Delight's Mistake and is out on Smashwords, with Amazon-Kindle, OmniLit, Kobo, and DriveThruFiction releases soon to follow.

When Melerom escapes the aftermath of his people’s massacre of the humans on Jehornak, he sets himself up as a wealthy wanderer on the Odyssey luxury liners, and acquires the one thing every gentleman needs—a valet—but when his valet begins showing unusually perceptive spurts of initiative, Melerom realises the man is not everything he seems. The only question is, can the man be trusted to help him survive multi-billionaire, Frederico Coleman’s, next party, or betray him?

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