Saturday, March 18, 2017

NEW RELEASE: Memory's Return

C.M. Simpson's urban fantasy short story, Memory's Return, has now been released. It is currently available on Smashwords, and will be available on Amazon-Kindle, DriveThruFiction and via Draft2Digital distribution, shortly.

I don’t remember how I got in the alley, at least, not when I first wake up—and I don’t remember the names of these friendly faces making sure I’m okay, but it’s coming back. I just wish it would come back faster, because one of these faces is all kinds of wrong underneath the friendly veneer, with an agenda all their own, and they don’t mind putting my team in danger. If I don’t remember the whos and whats and whys real soon, one, or all, of us is going to end up dead, and who’s going to save the pixies then?

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