Sunday, August 13, 2017

JUST RELEASED: Freeman's Choice by C.M. Simpson

C.M. Simpson's latest novel, Freeman's Choice, is now available as an ebook from Amazon and Smashwords, as a PDF from DriveThruFiction, as a print-on-demand, large-print trade paperback from the CreateSpace store. This science-fiction-fantasy blend is about journeys, the journey to freedom and safety of a couple fleeing a life of slavery, and the journey into a new era of the long-hidden folk of legend, the dragons, and the hidden alien Ancients.

When Lorellan Cartwright finds buying back the woman he loves an impossible task, he promptly steals her away, but escaping from the criminally minded third duke of Aristoc and reaching a place of safety are two very different things. And stealing from the duke embroils Lorellan and Megan in the politics of crime lords, long forgotten races of fantasy, aliens and interstellar law enforcement. Can they escape the tangled webs woven by others and find refuge? Or will they join the ranks of those who tried before and failed?

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