Friday, November 24, 2017

Pre-Order Available: The Trading Game: Zach by Ellie Moonwater

The Trading Game: Zach is the second book in Ellie Moonwater's Mentraden Training Centre series. It is now available as a pre-order from Smashwords (and will soon be available from Amazon in e-book and via CreateSpace as a print-on-demand paperback). This book focuses on Zach Mentraden's search for a suitable Dom, and takes him away from the centre, to face the unknowns of a new Mistress and an unexpected journey.

Zach has been searching for a Dom to partner for a very long time, a partner he can give control to, knowing they can be trusted to be in charge. Agathia looks like she can more than fill the role, right up until Zach discovers she’s not alone, and he has two partners to deal with, instead of one… and then the shape-shifting shen take the ship, and things get complicated.

The Trading Game is an erotic science fiction adventure story, containing elements of romance, light bondage, slave-capture fantasy, multiple partners, mfm partnering, bondage, and explicit, kinky, and consensual sex, as well as gun fights, fist fights, and underhanded dealings.

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