Monday, May 20, 2013

First Chapter: Tag Man One by Carlie Simonsen

Tag Man One is the first chapter book in the Air Ace Adventures series. Set on an imaginary air base, it tells part of the story of two brothers, who share a love of flying and look out for each other.

When Jerry sees something flash on a hill overlooking the air base where his brother works, he thinks it might be a bottle reflecting the sun. His brother takes a different view, and reports it to base security. They have not had time to investigate before the base is attacked, and Jerry must do his best to get his brother out alive.

Tag Man One is available from Smashwords, Amazon-Kindle and CreateSpace and will be distributed from Nook, Kobo, Barnes and Noble and iTunes.

First Chapter: A Flash in the Hills

Jerry wrapped his arms around his knees and looked into the sky. He was in the branches of a small tree on top of a hill. In the tree, Jerry could pretend he was a pilot like his brother, Andrew. He could pretend he was flying test planes just like Andrew did every day.
There were eagles that flew near the top of the hill. Jerry liked to watch them. It was better than doing nothing, and he had nothing to do.
His brother was flying in the simulator today. The new jet wasn’t ready to be tested in the sky.
Jerry watched the eagles. He was hoping Andrew would be able to let him fly the simulator today. It was fun flying the simulator.
Andrew would joke and say that Jerry would take his job away. Jerry would laugh. He knew he was good, but he didn’t think he was that good.
Maybe Andrew would let him test fly the new jet in the simulator. Sometimes, Andrew’s boss said it was okay. Sometimes, Jerry found problems they hadn’t thought of.
Jerry climbed down from the tree. He would go home and wait for Andrew. He could watch a video while he waited.
There was no television out here. The hills got in the way of the television signals. Jerry didn’t miss television too much. He still had his computer and Andrew had given him some really cool games to play.
Maybe he would play games on the computer instead of watching a video. He could pretend he was flying the simulator with some of the games.
Jerry looked down on the base from his perch on the hill. He looked across at the hill on the other side of the base. He saw something flash in the sun.
Jerry looked at the place the flash had come from. It did not come again. He tried to think what could have made that kind of flash. Maybe someone had dropped a bottle and that’s what he could see. He looked at the spot again, but the flash was gone. He moved his head, trying to find the right angle to catch the flash again. It didn’t come. It was as if the bottle had moved out of the sun.
That was funny. Bottles didn’t move.
Jerry decided he would have to tell Andrew when he got home. His brother would know what it was.

If you would like to read more, Tag Man One is available from Smashwords, Amazon-Kindle and CreateSpace and will be distributed from Nook, Kobo, Barnes and Noble and iTunes.

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