Thursday, May 30, 2013

First Chapters: The Dog's Way by Carlie Simonsen

The Dog’s Way is a teen paranormal urban about a boy who finds unexpected help with bullies. The Dog’s Way is the first book in the Running with the Pack series.

When Michael jumps a brick wall to escape from Jacko and his group of thugs, he didn’t need to find a pack of dogs waiting for him on the other side. Pinned down by the biggest of them, Michael counts himself lucky that the dogs are more interested in Jacko than him. Unfortunately, with Jacko on the other side of the fence, that’s not going to last forever. And what’s he going to do then?

The Dog’s Way is about discovering who you are, and learning to face your fears with whatever you can find inside.

The Dog's Way can be found at Smashwords, Amazon-Kindle, Kobo, Nook and iTunes

First Chapter: The Dog's Way

Big Dog, Big Teeth 

Bounding. Leaping. Running. Pounding.

The dog was as big as a tank.
Its black fur was shorter than Jacko’s crew cut. Its mouth was open. Its teeth were showing. Bits of slobber flew from its lips.
The dog had seen him. It flew over the ground, its big feet thudding like battering rams. Tyron knew he should never have climbed over the wall.
He knew he should never have taken the short cut home. He knew he shouldn’t have gone to school that day. He just shouldn’t have, not after what he had said about Jacko.
He should have known Jacko would hear. He should have known Jacko would wait for him. He should have known that houses with big walls had big dogs as well.
All Tyron could do was stand there and watch the dog come. It wasn’t barking. Tyron wished it would bark. If it barked someone might hear it. If someone heard it, they might come and rescue him. It didn’t bark.
Great, Tyron thought. Now it gets to eat me and no one will stop it.
The dog was close now. Tyron had a good look at its mouth and its teeth. He got a good look at its eyes.
The dog jumped. Its front feet hit him on the chest and he fell backwards. The dog stood on his chest and licked his face.
It looked like it was laughing at him.
Tyron stopped feeling afraid. He started to feel angry. He wanted to shout at the dog. He wanted to give it a good smack for scaring him.
He looked at the slobbery mouth with its big teeth. Maybe, he didn’t want to smack it. He opened his mouth to shout at instead.
And that was when he heard the voices.


If you would like to read more, The Dog's Way can be found at Smashwords, Amazon-Kindle, Kobo, Nook and iTunes.

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