Friday, June 21, 2013

What are our Authors working on in June?

Ellie Moonwater

Ellie is working on her next story - a paranormal urban menage involving werewolves and a shapeshifter that has more in common with a merman than wolf. She is also busy turning a fairytale into an erotic short story.

Madeleine Torr

Mads is now half-way through her next novel. She took a break from the Pictures in Romance series and is writing a story of romantic suspense set east of Melbourne inVictoria, Australia.

Carlie Simonsen

Carlie is drafting teacher's notes to go with Legacy of Dreams, and plotting out a sequel for Tag Man One, as well as developing a non-fiction series. Her next chapter book is currently being edited and formatted.

Eleanor Maine

Eleanor is working on another short 'Gargoyle' piece, as well as a longer fantasy romance to do with vengeance. She calls it her 'not-so-Egypt' setting, but we're not so sure.

C.M. Simpson

C.M. is editing and formatting Carlie's next chapter book, and designing the cover. C.M. is also working on another short story for An Anthology of Blades, formatting and designing the cover for her first annual short story and poetry collection, and working on a zombie piece. She also has a science fiction tale in the works, and is developing the outline for the second novel in the Tales from the Five Kingdoms series.

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