Monday, August 4, 2014

Sneak Peek 1: 365 Days of Flash Fiction

Science fiction, fantasy, dark fantasy, speculative fiction and a touch of horror, this collection plays with just about every genre it can lay its hands on. C.M. Simpson explores new worlds, new settings and lets loose some ideas that just needed to be gotten out of her head.
If short stories are your thing—and the shorter the better—you can find tiny tales from a wide variety of genres in 365 Days of Flash Fiction.

Some of them are tales of fantasy mixed with science fiction and a touched by speculative, like this one:

Bellberries and Chime Beetles

I was thinking of my young adult science fiction novel, in which a little girl is the first to eat a very blue berry. It wasn’t complete at the time, and it’s set in a universe without this kind of dragon, but it built on the idea of a small, blue dragon very nicely. This piece was written on November 16, 2013 for the November 8 entry of 365 Days of Flash Fiction. It is exactly 210 words long.

The little dragon shimmered like sapphire, tucking its wings neatly against its sides and cocking its head as it approached the child seated on the grass. She was eating bellberries, shaking each one so that the seed rattled, and giggling at the different notes ringing from each. Her fingers were stained blue and rivulets of juice were painting azure streaks down her wrists, chin and neck. Her brown eyes widened as she noticed the creature before her. It made a trilling chirp, asking for what it needed. The little girl smiled and held out her half-eaten berry, but the dragon turned its face away. Hesitantly, it laid a claw on one of the seeds carefully arranged on the grass in front of her. Frowning, the girl picked it up and held it out. The dragon churred, carefully taking the hard-shelled seed from the child’s tiny hand—and then it bit down hard, causing the beetle within to jangle with fear. The little girl laughed, clapping her hands, as the dragon crunched the sweet-sounding delicacy between its teeth. It could see a long and happy friendship ahead, one remarkably free of hunger. Usually it had to wait until the chime beetles emerged. In sufficient amounts, bellberry flesh was poisonous to dragons.

365 Days of Flash Fiction is scheduled for release on October 4, 2014,  and pre-ordering should be available soon.

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