Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sneak Peek 3: 365 Days of Flash Fiction

Science fiction, fantasy, dark fantasy, speculative fiction and a touch of horror, this collection plays with just about every genre it can lay its hands on. C.M. Simpson explores new worlds, new settings and lets loose some ideas that just needed to be gotten out of her head.

If short stories are your thing—and the shorter the better—you can find tiny tales from a wide variety of genres in 365 Days of Flash Fiction.

Some of them are tales of fantasy, not quite traditional, but not quite modern.

A Jendavik Homecoming

Started on March 18, 2014, for 365 Days of Flash Fiction, this piece was completed on March 23. It describes a homecoming that is a little more exciting than anyone would want it to be.

I was tired and the afternoon sun was setting. My hopes of reaching Jendavik before dusk were fading. Why Jendavik? Because it was home, and I had not been home in a very long time. And why before dusk? Because Jendavik stands in the midst of the troll lands. If I did not make the gates by dusk, there was a fair chance I might not see the dawn. I looked around. The pines rose, thick and dark. If I’d had a horse, I’d have spurred it into a canter. As it was, as jog was the best I could do. By the time my hand touched the iron binding the gates, I was sprinting, having discarded my pack, my sword and my jacket on the stony ground. The guards were just brave and good-hearted enough to hold the gates and let me in, leaving the troll-kin, howling and hungry, pounding at Jendavik’s doors.

365 Days of Flash Fiction is scheduled for release on October 4, 2014,  and pre-ordering should be available soon.

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