Sunday, December 31, 2017

Pre-Order Available: Welcome to the Fruit Platter

Welcome to the Fruit Platter is now available for ordering. It will release on January 27, 2018. Welcome to the Fruit Platter is the second book in Ellie Moonwater's erotic paranormal romance series Downtown Weres & Wizards. It is now up on Smashwords, and will soon be available for pre-order from Amazon in Kindle format.

Swept into a whirlwind courtship with two werewolves, Louise has just one problem—the secret she is keeping from the pack. When her mates discover what she’s been holding back, will they stand by her? And what of the pack? Louise must choose: trust in them, or run? Either way, sanctuary seems a lifetime away.

WARNING: Welcome to the Fruit Platter contains explicit, consensual and kinky sex, some spanking, two very lust-driven werewolves, multiple scenes of ménage, mfm, and some wizards on the prowl.

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