Saturday, December 9, 2017

Publisher Update: December 9, 2017

It's been a busy month so far. We've been following up with our authors, and slowing getting next year's publishing schedule into shape, as well as rounding out the last few releases of the year. So far, we have the following titles lined up:

December 2017

15th - The Trading Game by Ellie Moonwater
29th - 366 Days of Flash Fiction by C.M.Simpson

The Trading Game has been uploaded for pre-order to all outlets and distributors. It is also ready for release as a paperback via CreateSpace, so will take a few days to appear on Amazon. 366 Days of Flash Fiction is currently undergoing edits and formatting, and we are still waiting on a cover.

January 2018

5th - The Queen's Game by C.M. Simpson
13th - A Planet's Ransom by Carlie Simonsen
27th - Welcome to the Fruit Platter by Ellie Moonwater

The Queen's Game is an urban-fantasy short story set in the Otherworld universe, dealing with the clash of cultural expectations, and other, more sordid matters to do with elves, trolls, and trafficking. It has gone through the first stage of edits and is waiting for final edits before entering the publishing phase. A full cover has been requested. A Planet's Ransom is a stand-alone science-fiction novel for young adults, possessing themes of racism, sexism and ostracism as well as interplanetary politics. We've only just received this from Carlie, and have placed it in the editing queue, as well as requesting a full cover. Welcome to the Fruit Platter is an erotic urban fantasy romance revolving around werewolves and multiple partners. Again, it is queued for editing and a cover has been requested. Carlie has said she may complete a short chapter book in time for a January release, so we are hoping that comes through. She has until the end of the week, or it will have to given a later release date.

February through June

As promised, C.M. Simpson has delivered the short story releases through to June, and we will be scheduling their editing and publishing around longer works that are penciled in for earlier releases. The short stories pending are as follows:

February - Reluctant Liaison (urban fantasy set in the Pixie-Dust world); March - Memory's Vampire (horror and dreaming); April - Dreams of the Serpent (science fiction set in the Odyssey universe); May - Destiny's Queen (a stand-alone fantasy); and June - Harper's Choice (an urban-fantasy, science-fiction, time-travel cross-over set in the Pixie Dust world)



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