Saturday, November 3, 2012

Cover finalised for Eleanor Maine's Hunters of the Nile

Cover for large and small print versions
Eleanor Maine published two titles under the pen-name, Ellie Moonwater. While she retains that pen-name for some of her hotter erotica titles, she prefers to write her erotic paranormal titles under her own name. Originally released under the pen-name Ellie Moonwater, Hunters of the Nile is now being re-released under Eleanor Maine's name. Here are its new e- and paperback release covers.

Cover for e-versions to be released via Amazon and Smashwords
Hunters of the Nile will be released on AmazonKindle, in Amazon paperback (large and normal print), and in all available Smashwords formats, including iBook, Sony, Kobo and Diesel. We will announce each edition as it goes live.

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