Sunday, November 11, 2012

What our Authors are Working On

What our Authors are Working On

Eleanor Maine

My first two releases were quite short—novellas, really—but I’m working on a much longer tale. This one draws on the history and legends of ancient Egypt, but is set in a fantasy landscape of giant trees. It’s a tale about obligatory revenge, exile and, of course, love. The writing has started, and I have a rough outline, but I’m taking a bit of time to flesh out the world and its characters before I get back into the swing of things.

There is also another Hunters book in the works. This one is a little darker, but expands our knowledge of the secretive group who captured and then lost Callista.

Ellie Moonwater

I’m revising an erotic tale set in a dark, dark forest. It has dryads, trolls and a girl in a tower. As well as that, I’m working on two other hot romances to do with shapeshifters. One focuses on werewolves, while the other features a fairy with a sweet-tooth who loves to dance. You should see at least one of these by the end of the year.

C.M. Simpson

I promised a dark fantasy trilogy. This is along the more traditional fantasy tales of a group of heroes defeating an evil power. It’s different in that there are no large-scale battles or armies, no orcish hordes, and no heroes are of royal blood. Like the other stories, though, all the heroes have their secrets. Some are haunted by their pasts and others make decisions that cloud their futures. The first drafts of all three novels are complete, and I’m now in the editing and polishing stage. I’ve just completed editing the first half of the book and hope to have the rest completed by the end of the week.

Once the edits are complete, I’ll be working on the covers, and the second book in the series that started with Fisherpriest.

Madeleine Torr

Do you remember how Lisa, the heroine of Secondhand Sweetheart, spilled paella on one of the lady first-class passengers? And how Mitchell promised to buy that lady another designer one-off? Well, that lady was Cassidy Lawrence, an Australian heiress. Book 2 in the Pictures of Romance series is her story. The chapter outline is coming along well, and the story is shaping up to be a bit of a romantic suspense as Cassidy’s visit to a little-known Italian designer sees her become embroiled in the trouble that’s found him.

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