Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cover finalised for A Gargoyle for Hotel Gothica

Eleanor Maine published two titles under the pen-name, Ellie Moonwater. While she retains that pen-name for some of her hotter erotica titles, she prefers to write her erotic and non-erotic paranormal titles under her own name. Originally released under the pen-name Ellie Moonwater, A Gargoyle for the Hotel Gothica is now being re-released under Eleanor Maine's name. Not as hot Hunters of the Nile, A Gargoyle for the Hotel Gothica now has the following new e- and paperback release covers:

 A Gargoyle for the Hotel Gothica is about what happens when Claire Handley wins her bid for a Scottish gargoyle and the Journal of Magick written by James Macgregor. At first, she doesn’t believe the Scotsman’s centuries-old tales, but when the legends seem to come alive, invading her home and her bed, she must decide whose side she’s on.

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