Friday, May 9, 2014

Sneak Peek 5: Remnants to Recent Years (1988-2012)

Every year, C.M. Simpson gathers up the short stories, flash fiction and poetry she’s written, published, or prepared for publishing, and puts them into a single volume. This year, there are two volumes. The first volume consists of all the work, C.M. has re-discovered from her early years of writing.

As C.M. explains at the beginning of each volume “poems and short stories form the playground I use to explore ways of putting words on paper to create different effects” and each volume contains a variety of styles and subjects, accompanied by what it was that inspired her at the time. Sometimes, the inspiration can be hard to define.

Written on 25 January 2005, this poem is about more tears. Who knows what was making me so sad back then.

I can see through the tears of my soul,
diamonds of pain
help clarify my world

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