Monday, June 9, 2014

Countdown: 1 Week until Remnants to Recent Years

The first volume of collected short works completed, revised and prepared for publication or published in 2013 releases in 1 week and 5 days’ time.

Remnants to Recent Years consists of short stories, flash fiction and poetry, explorations of fantasy, science fiction, speculation, real-world and real-life commentary, language and word play in general.

Some of the short stories in have been released as stand-alone works, as part of An Anthology of Blades, or both. Rather than buy them one by one, you can find them all in this volume. These stories are:

  • Old Magic
  • The Runaway
  • Corporate Loyalty
  • Pigs Might Fly
  • Gods in the Lianreida
  • The Buried Blade
  • A Battle of Minds

 Remnants to Recent Years is scheduled for release on June 21, 2014.

Here is another taste of what to expect:

Respect the Grey Hairs

Written April 20, 1994, I cannot recall what sparked this poem, but it was probably a program where an older person reminded me that the elderly have a lifetime of experience overlooked, and that we, the younger generations, have a tendency to underestimate them – and forget, for example, that they were the war heroes and James Bonds of our past.

Respect the Grey Hairs
for they hold knowledge beyond what you have seen.
Respect the Wrinkled Faces
for they use powers for which the Lost Ones keen.
Respect the Misty-Eyed
for they have wisdom of the type that is long grown.
Respect the Great Ones
for you are the seeds that they have sown.

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