Friday, January 5, 2018

2017 Novel Releases for C.M. Simpson

C.M. Simpson also started two new novel series in 2017: the Freeman series, a fantasy-science-fiction blend, consisting of stand-alone stories that will often be interconnected, but which can be read on their own; and the Aggie & Tams series is an urban-fantasy-thriller series consisting of stand-alone stories that build on each other, but do not have to be read in order. C.M. Simpson will be adding to these next year, as well as picking up the fantasy series started in The Priestess, the Prince and the Dragon.

August 2017


Print-on-demand cover for Freeman's Choice
Ebook cover for Freeman's Choice

When Lorellan Cartwright finds buying back the woman he loves an impossible task, he promptly steals her away, but escaping from the criminally minded third duke of Aristoc and reaching a place of safety are two very different things. And stealing from the duke embroils Lorellan and Megan in the politics of crime lords, long forgotten races of fantasy, aliens and interstellar law enforcement. Can they escape the tangled webs woven by others and find refuge? Or will they join the ranks of those who tried before and failed?

September 2017


Ebook cover for Shades of Memory
Print-on-demand cover for Shades of Memory

When Aggie Dormain arrives in Canberra to paint some old diggers, she does not expect to meet an out-of-work archaeologist investigating an alien conspiracy, much less to be pulled into an adventure that would give Indiana Jones a run for his money.

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