Tuesday, January 2, 2018

2017 Releases for Carlie Simonsen

Last year we released two books for Carlie Simonsen, one more addition to her Wheelchair series, and the first novel in a young-adult science-fiction series.

October 2017


Print-on-demand for Army Boots & Stilettos
Ebook cover for Army Boots & Stilettos.

Cord thought boarding school was a long way from home—until she was chosen for a traineeship with Bluebirds Mining. After that, who knew where home might be? Or how to get back to it? Or even if she could. With her mind playing tricks on her, and her best friend in the same boat, Cord is in it, but deep. Now, all she has to do is find a way out.

November 2017

Ebook cover for Wheelchair Mermaid.
Print-on-demand cover for Wheelchair Mermaid

All Stacey wants is a morning on the beach—okay, and maybe to surf again. Like that’s ever going to happen, but a morning on the beach, on her own, as close to the waves as she’ll ever get, again, will do. It’s just that when something swims under the jetty, and a speedboat full of dangerous-looking men arrives on the beach shortly after, she has to do something. Right? Wheelchair or not, right? And that’s when life really starts to get interesting…

Wheelchair Mermaid is the fourth book in the Wheelchair Adventures series, which is based around young people getting their wheels underneath them, after they find themselves in wheelchairs.

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