Monday, January 29, 2018

NEW COVER: Granny Finds a Gas Mask

This year’s third cover is for February’s third release, Granny Finds a Gas Mask, the first in a new chapter book series by Carlie Simonsen.

Helping Gran is a chore, but with her holding their mobile phones hostage, Gareth and Giselle have no choice. Unpacking boxes of books is no surprise. Unpacking the gas mask is—and so is finding themselves back in the war, in Gran’s war, because ‘some things are meant to be changed’. How on Earth, does Gran expect them to help with this? Better yet, how on Earth, can they get back home?

Granny Finds a Gas Mask is the first book in a series where the things Granny finds lead to adventure, and Gareth and Giselle have to figure out how to get back to their own time and place. 

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